Welcome back to our site! After a brief hiatus we are back again with our new site. All our photo galleries are not yet complete. Hopefully as time permits the photos will be uploaded to our gallery.

Easter Egg Dipping

The kids decided that they wanted to dye real eggs this Easter. After many tries Ellen managed to dip her egg perfectly without dropping it into the dye. While Anne took her turn dipping eggs, Hannah found a new way to decorate her egg. “Ellen!” Kevin yelled “You’re making a mess!” Kevin attempted to properly…

Our Newest Outfit!

Celebrate the beginning of fall with this cute outfit! Here is Mya modeling our newest creation. She is wearing a sleeveless ruffle dress sewn out of lawn fabric. On top of this cute dress, she is wearing a 3/4 denim jacket and a cable hat knitted from super soft bamboo yarn. Click on the above…

Introducing Missy

This is Missy. She is our 14″ Kaye Wiggs doll. We got her a few years ago and we finally painted her this week. Missy is wearing a dip-dyed pink ruffled dress. We also made her a mohair wig and leather shoes. We our in the process of repainting her three sisters–Layla, Hope, and Fleur.…

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  1. Just such a Beautiful website, would love to be able to buy some of these clothes for Little Darling !!!!


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