The Missing Piece

Hannah and Ellen were very excited after finding a one-hundred piece puzzle at the back of their closet. It was the perfect thing to keep them busy on a very rainy day.

“I can’t wait until we’re finished!”, exclaimed Ellen, piling the puzzle pieces in the middle of the rug.

“Does this one go here?”

They soon got bored and decided to tackle the challenge of building a little log cabin.

“What should we do with all these extra pieces?” asked Hannah.

“I know! We can build a fence with them!” replied Ellen.

After the log house was complete, Hannah and Ellen decided they should get back to piecing together their puzzle.

“It’s starting to take shape!”

“Wait a second” cried Ellen. “We are missing a piece!”

“I thought you had it!” said Hannah.

“No, I don’t. I saw you holding it.”

“Let’s clean up our mess and we might find it.”

“Look, here is the missing piece!” exclaimed Ellen.

Then, Ellen and Hannah looked down as another one of their pieces disappeared right before their eyes.

“Looks like some little panda decided to walk away with our pieces.”

“Can we have our puzzle pieces back please?”

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